TAM brings you an easy-to-use, powerfully effective massage therapy solution for your hands and forearms.

Treat and prevent carpal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and more.

  • TAM can be completely customized to target specific problem areas with a variety of roller options that are easy to swap out.

  • Alternative rollers included.

  • Adjustable pressure.

  • Heavy duty slip-resistant rubber across bottom stabilizes device during use and protects furniture.



  • Linda Brinker MD - Avid Pickleball Player 

    I played tennis for over two decades and I never got lateral epicondylitis until I started playing pickleball. TAM has been a game changer...

  • Melinda Morrison - Lighting Designer 

    I would like to promote an amazing product called TAM that I had the fortune of using...

  • Sarah Ann - Founder

    TAM began as a daydream to treat the hand and forearm tension I was experiencing at the beginning of my massage therapy career. Several prototypes later, I came up with a patented design that has held up to rigorous testing...


-Lightweight and easy to transport. Enjoy at home, office, tennis court, recording studio etc. 

-No batteries or electricity needed. 

-Designed in California 

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