Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the rollers have the same rubber density? 

No, the rubber density ranges from soft to firm depending on the roller. For example, the roller with the single ball in the center is the firmest option and is designed for deep trigger point work in the palms and forearms. The roller with two balls is softer so it feels great even over bony areas like the fingers, hands, wrists and elbows. 

I have arthritis in my hands, how hard is it to change out the rollers? 

Swapping out the rollers is quick and easy. TAM was designed to be user friendly and painless to customize. To change the rollers, remove the magnetic panel on the side of the device and slide out pins to free the rollers. To replace the rollers, start with the bottom, line up the desired rollers and simply slide the pins back through. When finished, replace the magnetic side panel which holds the pins in place during use. 

Is the pressure adjustable?

Yes, a pressure adjustment dial on the side can be set to low, medium or high, and the multiple roller options provide even more pressure variability.