• Sarah Ann - Founder

    TAM began as a daydream to treat the hand and forearm tension I was experiencing at the beginning of my massage therapy career. Several prototypes later, I came up with a patented design that has held up to rigorous testing. 

    I have now shifted my career from massage to art, but I still find use for TAM in my day-to-day life. I create large sculptures out of wood and I frequently handle heavy power tools for extended periods of time which causes painful tension to build up in my forearms. The tools I use are powerful and dangerous if I’m not operating at 100% so I still use TAM a couple times a week to relieve my forearm tension. 

    The moment I start feeling muscle pain or fatigue, I go inside and use TAM for 5-10 minutes and it works like a charm! The best part is the relief is immediate and generally lasts for several days. 

  • Melinda Morrison - Lighting Designer 

    I would like to promote an amazing product called TAM that I had the fortune of using.

    This device allows the muscle fasci and tendons in your arms to be massaged deeply stop your hands from clenching and shortening in the palm area.

    What was amazing to me is that I thought the stinging pain I had was generating from my palms but no! It arises all the way up by your elbows and using TAM brought such incredible relief from the elbow down to the fingertips.

    I am a lighting designer using CAD everyday and I will never leave home without it from now on!

  • Linda Brinker MD - Avid Pickleball Player 

    I played tennis for over two decades and I never got lateral epicondylitis until I started playing pickleball. TAM has been a game changer for my “pickleball elbow!”